Chasing Fire (hopefully catching some sparks)

Hello there!

As another summer draws to its close, I'm still working away at new material, but getting closer to a finished album. One big hurdle I've gotten over is completing that 12-minute bear of a conceptual rock piece, the first of its kind that I've attempted in over twenty years. It ended up having three "movements," so to speak, each with its own themes, before finally revisiting parts from the first section at the end to tie it all together. Tons of guitar tracks, keyboard tracks, all sorts of percussion had to be stitched together. And then there was the frustration of tracking the entire bass part on a fretless bass I hadn't done much recording with previously - only to find, when I went to do the mix, that the recorded bass sound was not working at all (requiring me to re-track the entire 12-minute piece with a different bass - argh!). The first 1/3 of the new piece, "Chasing Fire," is now loaded in the audio player for you to preview.

With that one all wrapped up at last, I'm in the early stages of putting the next piece together. I enjoyed breaking away from shorter, more traditional song form on "Chasing Fire" and think I may go a bit that way with this new one as well (though I don't expect to get quite as long-winded on this next one!).

I'm being called to dinner, so I'll keep it short this time. Hope you've all been doing well and we'll talk again soon!