New music video out now, new album out later in November! 

Hello, my friends!

This announcement comes a LOT later than I'd intended. But then, 2020 put what many of us might have otherwise intended to do on the back burner for a while. So much tragedy, so much stress and worry, so much uncertainty about the future for so many people. Finally, a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to go ahead and put this album out, regardless of the surrounding climate...try to, in however small a way, put something positive out into the world around me in this difficult year.


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The New Album is Done! 

I know, HOW many times have I said this, but this blog update is SO overdue. I hope everyone has been doing well since the last time I checked in, back in 2018 (yikes).

The new album is ready to roll. The recording was actually wrapped up this past summer. But life got in the way a bit, as it often does, when it came to taking care of all the little details needed to get it ready for release - designing the graphics, setting up mastering, etc. I also found it difficult to shut off the flow of new musical…

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"Sunshine in the Shade" 

Hello again!

Here we are into another new year, and I'm still recording away. I know, I was saying two years ago that I was wrapping things up (so I thought!). The last couple of years have been quite a shakeup in terms of musical direction and focus. I drifted away from the piano-based music I had been doing for a while back towards electronica. And then, for a few months, I found myself fired up about recording conceptual rock music again. I don't consider the latter to have been a wasted errand, though -…

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Pulling It All Back Together 

Hello there!

Summer has almost arrived, even though it doesn't entirely feel like it on a wet, chilly morning like this. By this time, I am most assuredly late in terms of where I had expected things to be by now. One good thing about being an indie artist, though, is that you have no record label breathing down your neck about delivering an album - if you feel you need more time to sort things out, you take the time.

The last couple of months, I suddenly found myself wanting to do some more rock-oriented…

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Still Recording, but I'm on the Home Stretch (honest!) 

Hiya gang! A belated Happy 2016 to all of you!

Yep, that's me still recording in the pic. When that was taken last week, I was mixing another new song called "The Devil's Camera," a small snippet of which is now in the site's audio player. I was supposed to be all done recording songs for this album by now, but I'm still at it. Basically, what happened is that I missed my window to get the album done and released before the holidays hit last year. So, as I tend to do, I got restless...and started writing…

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A long-overdue update 

Hey there!

I hope you've all had a great summer (well, TWO of them since I last posted here!). It's been way too long since I wrote an update, so let's get caught up. 

I'm in the later stages with the new album, at the point of polishing up some previously recorded tracks and contemplating whether I want to "do just one more," as always. I had hoped to get the new album out before the end of the year, but things often seem to take longer than I expect. With the holidays almost upon us (and December not…

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Welcome to the New Website! 

Hello there, and welcome to my new online digs! Help yourself to a cup of java or a glass of wine, sprawl out on on the couch, put your feet up on the coffee table, make yourself at home!

Getting a new, more modern website online with a new host was long overdue. I had used my previous hosting service since 2002, but they slacked off on updating their increasingly antiquated web design software and my site wasn't even displaying properly in some current browsers any longer. So, as we did physically a year…

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David Vector

David has wrapped up a new album with an expected early 2020 release.


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